Oil filled transformer rewind & repair

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why transformer rewind and repair is the right choice

  • 2016 Energy Efficiency Standards - 2016 energy efficiency standards are significantly affecting new transformer prices, lead times, and physical size. More details here.
  • Save Money - In most cases, tanks, cores, bus, bushings, gauges, and fittings can be reused while the working part of your transformer, the coils, are replaced. This typically translates into savings over buying a new transformer.
  • Improved Design - When possible, we will redesign the coils to provide greater cooling efficiency, short-circuit strength and reduced operating costs.
  • Save Yourself A Headache - Finding a transformer can be a big headache. If you do find one, will you have to make major modifications to make it work? You know that your transformer will fit into the existing space and will connect without any hassles.
  • No Replacement Available - Manufacturers change designs frequently. Sometimes designs are dropped from the product line or manufacturers go out of business. Don't spend weeks trying to find a suitable replacement transformer.

oil filled transformers alfa rewinds and repairs *

why alfa is the right choice for transformer rewind and repair

  • More than 50 years of transformer repair experience
  • Modern coil-winding techniques
  • Improvement of original design in many cases
  • Failure analysis available
  • Transformer oil testing available
  • Capacities up to 5000 KVA
  • Voltages up to 50kV

Oil filled transformer reconditioning procedures

* Alfa does not repair or dispose of any fluid filled transformers that contain substances that have been deemed as hazardous by the federal government, such as PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls). Because silicone is not miscible with other transformer fluids, Alfa does not repair any transformers filled with silicone fluid due to equipment contamination issues.