Alfa Transformer customers

4-Way Electric, Inc.
621 Energy
64-Plumbing and Electric
A Plus Electric Supply
A.J. LaCourse, Inc.
A-1 Electric Service Inc.
ABB Motors & Mechanical
ABB Substations
ABCO Electrical Construction & Design LLC
Able Air
ABM Building Value
AC Electrical Systems
Accu-Weld LLC
Ace Machine Tool
Acilis Technology
Acme Brick Company
Adelphi Technology
ADM (Archer Daniels Midland)
Advance Electric
Advance Maintenance & Repairs
Advanced Electrical Supply
Advanced Metal Fabrication & Machine Inc.
Advanced Sunsystems Inc.
Advanced Window Corp
AEP Industries Inc.
Aermotor Pumps Inc.
AES Shady Point Inc.
Afcon Contracting Services, Ltd.
AGL Manufacturing Ltd.
Air Clean Technologies
Air Compressor Energy Systems Inc.
Air Compressor Equipment Company
Air Liquide
Akrotex, Inc.
Alaska Gold Company
Albertville Municipal Utilities Board
Alco Controls Division
Alexander Supply of Monroe
Alexandria Armature Works Inc
All Industrial Electrical Supply
All Phase Electric
All Phase Electrical Supply
All Service Electric
Allegheny Ludlum Corporation
Allen Electric Company
Allen Electric Supply Company
Allen Southern Electric Motor Service
Allied Electrical & Power Inc.
Allied Tube & Conduit
Alltrista Industrial Plastics Inc.
Alma City Water & Sewer Works
Alma School District
Almar Diesel Service, Inc.
Alpha Omega Polymer
Alpine Electric Corp
Alpla, Inc.
Alstom Power Rentals
Altek Electrical Services
Alter Image Inc.
Altronic Research Inc.
Ambassadors for Christ Academy
Amber Electric Company Inc.
American Electric Company
American Machine Tools
American Millwork
American Polymer Recycling
American Spoon Foods
American Thermoform Corporation
Americana Foods
AMP Control
AMPS American Modular Power Solutions
AMT Vector
Anadarko Industries
Anderson Construction
Anderson Electric Inc.
Anderson Plumbing & Electric
Anderson-Tully Company
Antigua Public Utilities Authority
APAC Central
Apache Power Solutions
Apex Companies
Applied Control Technology Inc.
Aqua Gaming, Inc.
Aqua Turbo Systems, Inc.
Aquarius Metal Products Inc.
Arc Electric
Argo Medical, Inc.
Arizona Electric Power Coop
Arkansas Air National Guard
Arkansas Carports
Arkansas Children's Hospital
Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Inc.
Arkansas Glass Container
Arkansas Mill Supply Company PB
Arkansas Oklahoma Machinery Inc.
Artisan Equipment
Artiz Inc.
Ash Grove Cement
Atlantic Coast Electric Supply
Atlantic Control Corp
Atlantic Research Corp
Aubrey Silvey Enterprises, Inc.
Automation Equipment Sales, Inc.
Avalanche Electric
Axis Electric
B & C Welding
B & D Electric Inc.
B & Electrical Supply
Bahia Tan
Baker Electric Supply of Fort Dodge
Baker's Electrical Supplies
Baldor Electric
Ball Metal Container Corporation
Baptist Health Medical Center
Bar-S Foods Company
Baxter Healthcare Corp
Beach Bunz Tanning Salon
Beale Air Force Base
Bean Lumber Company
Bekaert Corporation
Belyea Company
Bemis Company, Inc.
Bendeck Pump & Equipment Corp
Bender Shipbuilding & Repair
Bennett Brothers Mechanical
Bergelectric Corporation
Bergey Windpower Co Inc
Bermuda Waterworks
Best Pump Works
Better Family Products, Inc.
Beu-Math Engineering Inc.
BFP International
Bieker Electric
Big G Wood Products
Biloxi Electric Supply
Biltrite Industries, Inc.
Bior Corporation
Bird Electric
BioSAFE Engineering
Bioten Operations Inc.
Black Hills Power & Light Company
BNB Electric
Bodine Electric
Body Bronz Inc.
Boise Cascade Corp
Boise Electric Motor Company, Inc.
Borden Chemical, Inc.
Bosko's Manufacturing
Bowden Industries
Bowman & Bowman, Inc.
Braden Marble & Granite
Bradley Machine
Bradshaw-Clark Corp
Braid Electric Co Inc
Brainstorm Technologies
Bray Manufacturing
Bremner Food Group
Brewster Procurement Group, Inc.
Brickman's Plumbing & Electric
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
Broken Arrow Electric Supply
Bronz Beauty
Brown Electric Service Inc.
BRS Custom Fab
Bruckner Supply Company, Inc.
Bryce Corporation
BSI Components & Repair
Burger Electric Corp
Burst Machinery
Bush Hog
Butler & Cook Inc.
Butterball, LLC
BWJ Graphics
C & C Machinery
C & M A United Dominion Company
C & S Maintenance
C & T Marine Corporation
C. Carter Machine Works
C.L. Electric/Electronics, Inc.
Cajun Breakers
Cal Tan Supply
California Coast Tanning
California Electric Supply
Calumet Lubricants
Calvi Electric Company
Camus Electric Company Inc.
Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc.
Canam Technology, Inc.
Canon USA
Cape Electrical Supply
Capital Electric
Capitol Technologies Group
Cargill Feedmill
Caribbean Paper Company
Carmeuse Lime & Stone
Carolina Power & Light Company
Carp-Seca, JV
Carrier Oklahoma
Carrier Rental Systems
Carson Engineering
Carter Hills Farms
Carver Pump Company
Catalina Spa & RV Resort
Cates, Inc.
CE Power Engineered Services
CED (Consolidated Electrical Distributors)
Central Electric of Alexandria, Inc.
Central Louisiana Electric Company
Central Products Company
CF Industries
Champion International Corp
Channel Islands Structures
Chappy Corporation
Cheney Lime & Cement Company
Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
Chesapeake Electrical Systems, Inc.
Chevron Energy Solutions Company
Chicago Mattress
Chicago Medical Exchange
Christian Electric Service
Chugach Development Corp
Churn Creek, Ltd.
Cimarron Welding, Inc.
Circuit Check, Inc.
Cirque du Soleil
City Electric Supply
City Light & Water Plant Plaquemine
City of Calhoun
City of Calvin, OK City of Clarksdale Public Utilities, MS<
City of Dothan, AL
City of Fayetteville, AR
City of Fort Smith, AR
City of Houston, TX
City of Milan Department of Public Utilities, TN
City of Minden, LA
City of Ozark, AR
City of Pocahontas, AR
City of Springfield, MO
City of Thayer, MO
Clark Electric Company
Clark Machine
Cleveland Consolidated Inc.
Cleveland Electric Company
Cline-Holder Electric Supply, Inc.
Cloyes Gear
Club Guanaja Este
Club Rio Tanning
Coalmont Electrical Development Corporation
Coastal Eagle Point Oil Company
Coastal Refining & Marketing, Inc.
Columbus Industrial Electric
Columbus McKinnon Corp
Comfort Zone
Commercial Millworks, Inc.
Computer Power Cabling Corp
ConAgra Frozen Foods
Concrete Systems, Inc.
Concretex LLC
Connors-Haas, Inc.
Consolidated Electrical Distributors
Con-Tech Power Systems, Inc.
Continental Electronics Corp
Contract International Services
Contract Purchasing Service
Controlled Automation
Controls Automation Machinery
Cooper Electric Supply Company
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
Corning, Inc.
Corporate Electrical Technologies
Corpus Christi Electric Company, Inc.
Correll, Inc.
Corrugated Specialities
Cotton District Tanning Company, LLC
Covanta Delaware Valley
Covert Electric Supply
CP Manufacturing
CPL Systems, Inc.
Crane Care
Crescent Electric Supply Company
Crest Electrical Company, Inc.
Crowe & Sons Electrical Corp
CSM Bradley Stamping
CST Storage
CT Jackson, Ltd.
Cullen Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Cummings Consulting
Current Controls, Inc.
Custom Built Systems
Custom Craft
Custom Profile
Custom Tool & Die
Cyclonaire Corporation
D & S Electrical Supply Company
D.C. Tanning
D.P. Electric
Dan's Whetstone
Darling Store Fixtures
Darque Tan
David Schorman Contracting
Davidson Electric
Davies Electric Supply
Day & Zimmermann, Inc.
Day Electric
Dealers Electrical Supply
Decatur Industrial Electric
Delcor Power Products
Delta Natural Kraft
Delta Wire
Delta-Y Electric Company, Inc.
Denham Welding
Denver Magnetic, Inc.
DeQueen and Eastern Railroad
Deringer Manufacturing Company
Desert Isle Inc.
Design Electric
Designer Checks
DeWalch Technologies, Inc.
Dexter Fortson Associates, Inc.
Diamond Jack Machinery, Inc.
Didion Mid-South Corp
Dielectric Tech, Inc.
Dimensional Tanning Equipment, Inc.
Discount Electrical Supply
Diversified Electric Supply Company
Diversified Products & Engineering
Dixie Electrical Supply Company, Inc.
Dixie Landin' Theme Park
DJ Enterprises
DKD Electric, LLC
Doll Services & Engineering
Dolle Electric
Dolphin Cove Marina
Dominion Electric Supply Company
Doug's Electrical Service, Inc.
Dow Chemical Company
Down-Under Plumbing & Electrical
Drake Machine & Mfg. Co., Inc.
Dug-Mar Electric Co, Inc.
Duhring Resource Company
Dyersburg Electric System
Dynamic Mixers
E & C Electrical Services
E & I Supply
E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company
Eagle Electric Inc.
EAO Services
Earnhardt Electric Service
East Carolina Supply
East Fork Growers
East Mountain Processing
Eastern Electric
Eastman Chemical Company
Eaton Corporation
Eaton Powerware
EC Company
Echols Electric, Inc.
Eck Supply Company
Elishewitz Custom Knives
Eck Supply Company
Ed's Electrical
Edgar Evins Marina
Edgar Minerals
Edgetech Enterprises
EDH Electric
Edition One Group
El Cap 1, LLC
El-Ark Electric, Inc.
Electric Beach Tanning Salon
Electric Fixture Supply, Inc.
Electric Motor Center
Electric Motor Service
Electric Motor Supply, Inc.
Electric Motor Technologies, LLC
Electric Motors & Control
Electric Power Systems
Electric Service Company
Electric Supply & Equipment
Electric Supply Company
Electric Supply Company of North Carolina
Electrical & Industrial Supply
Electrical & Mechanical Components Depot
Electrical & Mechanical Service
Electrical Contractors Supply
Electrical Doctor
Electrical Manufacturing & Distributors, Inc.
Electrical Reliability Services
Electrical Solutions Corporation
Electrical Testing & Maintenance Corp.
Electrical World
Electrico, Inc.
Electro-Mechanical Industries, Inc.
Electronic Power Systems
Electronic Testing Consultants
Elliott Electric Supply
Ellis Electric, Inc.
Emerging Technologies, Inc.
Emery Electric, Inc.
Emission & Cooling Solutions
Emory Electric, Inc.
EMS Electric
EMSCO Electric Supply Co, Inc.
Energy Electrical Distributors
Energy Transfer
Engineering Agencies (Caribbean) Limited
Enid Electric Motor Service, Inc.
Entergy Operations, Inc.
Enterprise Products Operating LP
Equipos Industriales S.A.
Equisales Associates, Inc.
Erie Boulevard Hydropower, LP
Ernest P. Breaux Electrial, Inc.
ESCO Electrical Services
ESD Waste2Water, Inc.
Etheredge Electric Co., Inc.
Ethos Manufacturing
Euro Bronze
Euro Tan
Euro-American Electric Services
European Sun
Eurotan LLC
Evangeline Parish Police Jury
Evans Enterprises, Inc.
Evers Electric, Inc.
Evita, S.A.
F.A.G. Bearings Corporation
Fajon Machining
Family Communications
Fanuc Robotics
Farm Studios, Inc.
Farmer's Electric, Inc.
Farrell Electric, Inc.
Farrell-Cooper Mining
FBI Academy
FD Electrical Contractors
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Pacific
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
Ferrara Electrical Corp
Fife Custom Equipment Company, Inc.
FindMRO by Grainger
Firestone Diversified Products, LLC
Fisher Manufacturing Services
Fi-Tech, Inc.
Five State Electric
Flagship Marine
Flanders Industries, Inc.
Fleur De Lait Foods, Ltd.
Flex-N-Gate, Mexico S. De R.L. de C.V.
Flint Construction Company, Inc.
Florida Metal Sales
Foil Laminating
Fort Smith Housing Authority
Fort Smith Tan Company
Franklin Electric
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold
French Gerleman
Friedman Electric
Frost Electric Supply
Fru-Con Construction Corp
Fruit of the Loom
Fry Construction Company, Inc.
FRZ Sales
G&W Electric Company
G.P.G. Holding Corporation
G.R. Sponaugle & Sons, Inc.
Gancedo Technologies
Gardner Denver
Garnet Electric Company
Gatterdam Electric Motors
Gaylord Container
GE International, Inc.
GE Supply/GEXPro
Gem City Liquidators
General Dynamics
General Mills Operations, Inc.
Genesis Systems Group
GenOn Energy Services
Geo-Marine, Inc.
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation
Georgia Gulf Corporation
Georgia Metal Center
Georgia Pacific
Gibson Guitar Company
Gilman Electrical Supply
Glad Manufacturing Company
Glidewell Electric Company
Global Power Supply
GNB Industrial Power
Go Media Productions
Goff Industrial Electric, Inc.
Gold Crest Electric Company, Inc.
Golden Era Productions
Golden Glo Custom Tanning Salon
Golden Image, Inc.
Golden Tan Distributing
Goss Electric Inc.
Gottlieb Inc.
Grace Manufacturing, Inc.
Graham & Sons Electric, Inc.
Grain Systems, Inc.
Graybar Electric
Gray's Feed Mill
Great Lakes Carbon LLC
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
Great Plains Technical Services
Greater Peoria Airport
Green Bay Packaging, Inc.
Greensteel, Inc.
Greenville Transformer Company
Greenwood Supply Company
Grid-One Electrical
Griffith Electric Supply Company
Grow Shop Hydroponics
Grupo Electrico Industrial
GT Technologies
Gulf Coast International
Gulf Coast Machine & Supply Co. (GULFCO)
Gulf Electrical Wholesale, Inc.
H & H Instruments
H.B. Frazer Company
Haines Electric Company, Inc.
Halstead Metal Products
Hammer Construction
Hanna's Candle Co.
Harbor Estates, Inc.
Harbor Furniture Mfg., Inc.
Harding University
Harley Davidson Motor Company
Harris Electric Supply Company
Harrisonburg Fitness
Hartshorne Carbon Company
Harvey-Preston Electric Company, Inc.
HasTech Solutions, Inc.
Hawaiian Sun
Hawkeye Community College
Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc.
Haynes International, Inc.
Hazen Powder Parts
Hearst-Argyle Television
Hebbard Electric, Inc.
Heber Printing
Helo Plastics, Inc.
Henningsen Cold Storage
Hensel Phelps Construction
Heritage Tool Company
Herzog Transit
Hidroelectrica Rio Lajas S.A.
High Energy Electrical Testing
High Output Tanning Systems
High Voltage Solutions & Sales
High Voltage Maintenance Corp
Highland Supply Corporation
Highlands Electricity
Hiland Dairy
Hillcrest Camshaft
Hilscher-Clarke Electric Co., Inc.
HIMA-Americas, Inc.
Hiram Walker
Hi-Speed Industrial Service
HMR Marine Services
Holifield Engineering
Hollberg Professional Group
Hollywood Tanz
Holox, Ltd
Horiba Automotive Test Systems
Hot Spot Tan, Inc.
House of Tools & Engineering
Hovensa LLC
HS Processing LP
Hughes Electric
Hughes Systems Industrial
Hunt Forest Products
Huntington Foam
Hydraulic & Air of Fort Smith, Inc.
Hydro Controls & Pump Systems, Inc.
Ice Industries
Ideal Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
IDI International
IES Downstream
IG Power, Inc.
IK Electric
IKO Chicago, Inc.
Illinois Central Railroad
Imaginative Creations
IMS Group, Inc.
In-Line Technologies, Inc.
In Stock Parts
Independent Electric
Independent Graphic Services
Indiana Tube Corporation
Indianapolis Electric
Industrial Automation Controls
Industrial Electrical Services, Inc.
Industrial Force & Power, Inc (Now Krauth Electric)
Industrial Machining Corporation
Industrial Wood Machinery
Inelec Corporation
Infra-Red Building & Power Service
Ingraham Electric
Inland Industrial Electric
Innovations Electric
Innovative Power Solutions br /> Integrity Integration Resources
International Ceramics & Heating Systems
International Filing Company
International Marine Terminals
International Paper
Investronica, Inc. USA
Ishee's Broadway Pizza
Island Global Yachting
IT Corp
J & B Supply Inc.
J. Maxx Tan, Inc.
J.C. Ford Company
Jack Spring Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Jackson Electric Co, Inc.
James Bittle Construction
James Murrin Electric
Janssen Engineering
Javens Electric
Jayhawk Bowling Supply
JCR Construction
Jefferson Smurfit Corp
Jeffrey G. Pilger
Jersey Shore Steel
Jett Solutions
Jetton's Electric, Inc.
JM Supply, Inc.
J-Mac Communications
JML Electric
JML Electrical Service Company, Inc.
JMP Engineering LTD
John D. Boerman Company
John May Air Conditioning
Johns Manville
Johnson Electric
JS Electric LLC
Justin International
K & P Project Management
K.B. Electrical Service Company, Inc.
K.D. Huey Company, LLC
K.V. Group, Inc.
KanOkla Telephone Association, Inc.
Kansas Electric
KARN Radio
Kawneer Company
Kaybar Electric Supply
KD Electrical Company
Keathley-Patterson Electric
Kebb, Inc.
Kenny Strange Electric
Kentube Finned Products
Khilco Industrial Electric, Inc.
Khoury, Inc.
Kiewit Construction
Kingsford Manufacturing
Kirk and Blum Company
Kitchen Kreators, Inc.
Kline Engineering
Kneaper Electric
Kohler Company
Kone Elevator & Escalators
Koontz Electric Company, Inc.
KREU Radio
L & M Machine
Ladish Company
LaGloria Oil & Gas Company
Lakeside Steel Corporation
Lanxide Corp
LaPlage Tanning Salon
Lawrence Electric
Lectra Circuits
Ledbetter Electric Company, Inc.
LEEM/LSS Filtration
Leff Electric
Lennox Industries Inc.
LEW Electrical Services
Lighting Fixture & Supply
Lion Oil Company
Littell, LLC
Livewire Electric Supply
Lobo Machinery
Lone Star Consolidated Foods, Inc.
Longo Electrical-Mechanical
Lopez Foods, Inc.
Louana Construction Corporation
Louisiana Electric Rig Service, Inc.
Louisiana Generating, LLC
Louisiana Plastic Converting Corporation
Lucky Electric, Inc.
Lufkin Automation
Lufkin Industries, Inc.
Lumber One
M & H Valve Company
M & I Electric Industries, Inc.
M & J Electrical Supply, Inc.
M G Industries
M. Dyke & Associates
M.B. Hall Company
M.C. Dean, Inc.
M/C Electric Co, Inc
Machine Consultants & Services
Madagascar Oil
Maddux Supply Company
Magellan Midstream
Maguire Properties
MAHLE Engine Components
Maliu Tan
Mancor Carolina, Inc.
Marathon Electric
Marberry Cleaners
Marblehead Municipal Electric
Marcal Paper Mills, Inc.
Marcel's Tanning Salons
Mariano Construction, Inc.
Marina Power & Lighting, Inc.
Marketech, Inc.
Markham Restaurant Supply
Martin Integrated Supply
Martin Plant Services
Marvin King Supply, Inc.
Mascot Electrical
Mass. Electric Construction Company
Master Electric
Master Service Mid-Atlantic, Inc.
Matlock Electric Company
Maverick Tube
Mayer Electric Supply Company
MB Industrial Equipment, Inc.
McAlester Army Ammunition Plant
McCrory Electric Company
McDermid Graphics
McGrath Construction
MCK Building Associates, Inc.
McNaughton-McKay Electric Company
MDI Engineering, Inc.
MDM Electrosistemas SA DE CV
Mead Container Board
Meadoworks LLC
Meek Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Meek's Electrical Services, Inc.
Mega Sun
Mega-Pro, Inc.
Megger Instruments Valley Forge
Mercer Management
Merit Electric, Ltd.
Metaltec Steel Abrasive
Metropolitan Kitchen & Bath
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Metson Marine
Meyer Electric, Inc.
Miami Transformers Company
Micro Molding
Mid Am Electric
Mid South Extrusion, Inc.
Mid State Supply Co, Inc.
MidAmerica Mining & Development, Inc.
Midland Cogeneration Venture
Midland International Tileworks, Inc.
Midland Products, Inc.
Midnight Sun
Midwest Electrical Testing & Maintenance Company
Mid-West Enamelers
Midwest Industrial Rubber, Inc.
Midwest Paper & Plastic
Midwestern Metals
Mielke Electric
Mike Roach Electric, Inc.
Mill Masters, Inc.
Millenium Natural Health Products
Miller Electric
Miller Food Equipment
Milltron Electric
Miner Electric
Mirage Salon
Miranda Electric
Mirant Mid Atlantic
MissChem Nitrogen LLC
Mississippi Department of Corrections
Missouri Electric Motor
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Mobile X-Ray Solutions
Modern Continental South
Modern Dispersions South
Modular Electric, Inc.
Mohawk Valley Utility
Mohler Technology, Inc.
Monarch Steel
Mondi Sack Paper
Monroe Mexico, S.A. De C.V.
Monti Electric Supply
Moroni Feed Company
Mother Road Customs
Motion Industries, Inc.
Mount Vernon Electric
Mountain Utilities
MRO Inc. (Manufacturing Repair & Overstock)
Mueller Copper Tube Products, Inc.
Multi-Craft Contractors, Inc.
Multi-Plastics Extrusions
Multi-State Electric Company
Murray State University
Myriad Construction
Natchez Electric & Supply
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
National Circuit Breaker
National Custom Hollow Metal
National Institutes of Health
National Semiconductor
National Technical Systems
National Tool & Manufacturing
Neal Excavating Company, Inc.
Nellis Air Force Base
Neon Sun, Inc.
NESCO Electrical Distributors
Nevada Controls LLC
Nevada Energy Systems, Inc.
Nevada Generator Systems, Inc.
Newco Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Newton Falls Land Reclamation
NG Press Service
Niagara LaSalle
Nichols Aluminum
Nighthawk Machine Shop
Normax Broadcasting
North Coast Components
North Coast Distributors
Northeast Louisiana University
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northrop Grumman Technical Services, Inc.
Northstar Electric
Northway High Voltage & Line Construction
Northwest Controls
Northwest Electric
Northwind, Inc.
NPC Services, Inc.
NRG Energy
NRP Oklahoma
O'Neal Electric Service, Inc.
Oasis Trading, LLC
OBAT Oil & Petroleum, LLC
Offutt Air Force Base
OK Foods, Inc.
Olsun & Sons Electric
OMC Services, Inc.
Omron IDM Controls, Inc.
On-site/Mid States, Inc.
Optovision Technologies, Inc.
Oregon Metal Slitters
Orga Card Systems, Inc.
Ouachita Baptist University
Ouachita Electric Service
Overton Electric Inc.
Pacer International, Inc.
Packaging Specialties
PACO Steel
Paff - The Electric Company
Palamino Tanning LLC
Palin, Inc.
Pan Food Stores
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company
Pantropic Power
Papelera Internacional, S.A.
Paragon Industries, Inc.
Paramont Electric Supply, Inc.
Park Metal Products
Pascale Electric, Inc.
Patterson Printing
Paul Mueller Company
Peerless Manufacturing Company
Penn Power Company
Performance Precision Manufacturing
Pernod Ricard USA
Petro Lubricant Testing Laboratories
Petro Winch, Ltd.
Petroleum Technology
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Pharis Broadcasting, Inc.
Phase Applications, Inc.
Philips & Company
Phillips Brothers Electrical Contractors
Pieper Electric, Inc.
Pine Bluff Arsenal
Pinnacle Electric
Pittsburgh & Midway Coal Mining
Plascal Corp
Plaskolite, Inc.
Platt Electric Supply
PM Machine
Pointe Companies
Poirier Electric, Inc.
Polk Electric Service, Inc.
Poster Press
Potlatch Corporation
Power Brands
Power Distribution Products, Inc.
Power Enterprise Corp
Power Line Solutions
Power Quality Engineering
Power Solutions Group, Ltd.
PowerSecure Service
PPL Montana, LLC
PRADCO (Plastics Research & Development Corp)
Prairie View A & M University
Precision Cut Metal and Machining
Preferred Electric Inc.
Preferred Sales and Supply
Premier Refractories International
Price Electric Company
Prime Power
Primetals Tecnologies
Primm Electric Co., Inc.
Procesadora Mejia, C por A
Professional Electrical Systems
Professional Motor Services
Professional Power Systems
Proffer Inc.
Progressive Maintenance Corp
Promo Edge
Proserv Crane & Equipment, Inc.
Proyectos Y Electricidad, S.A.
Pruitt Tool
PSI Equipment
Q.O.B. Electric Inc.
Qualex Manufacturing
Quality Electric Company
Quality Services Ltd.
Quarles Supply Company
Quest Lighting & Electrical
R & B Enterprises, Inc.
R & B Equipment Co.
R & G Sloane Manufacturing Co, Inc.
R & P Electroplating, Inc.
R.B. Sales Co, Inc.
R/S Motor Shop Services
Race Machine, LLC
Rainbow Electric Co.
Rancho California Water District
Randall Tool & Mfg.
Raymond Bizzari Electric
Raytheon Support Services Company
RDO Enterprises
Red River General Contracting
Reger Electric, Inc.
Reilly Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Reily Electrical Supply, Inc.
Reinicke Corporation
Rehkemper & Son
Reliant Constructors, Inc.
Remington Arms
Resinall Corporation
Responsible Solar
Reulet Electric Supplies, Inc.
Reynolds Metals Company
Rheem Manufacturing
RheTech, Inc.
Rhodes Machine Shop, Inc.
Riceland Foods, Inc.
Richards Electric Motor Company
Richardson Electrical Company, Inc.
Ridge Oil
Rigby Electric Supply of Rocky Mount, Inc.
Rigby Industries
Ritter Electric Heating, Cooling & Plumbing
River Mountain Quarry
Rivercliff Company, Inc.
RMC South Florida Materials
RMR Electric Corporation
Roasters 'n Toasters
Roberts Transformer Sales & Service, Inc.
Rogers Tool Works Inc.
Rol-Lift Corporation
Rollman Electric
Roper Electric Company
Rosewood Industries
Royal Electrical Supply, Inc.
RP Broadcasting
R/S Electric Motors
Ruder Electric
Ruggeri Marble & Granite, Inc.
Rumsey Electric Company
Russellville Water & Sewer System
S&C Electric Company
S&S Electric, Inc.
S.B.S. Electric Supply Co., Inc.
S.D. Myers
Safe-Way Electric Motor Company, Inc.
SAIC Frederick
Saint-Gobain Containers Inc.
Saint Jean Industries
Salish Electric
Sallee Electric Company
Salon Maintenance Company
Samaritan's Purse
Sample Electric Service, Inc.
San Antonio Electric Supply
Sandy's Nails & Tanning
Sandy's Poultry Market
Savannah Winlectric
Schenck Pegasus
Schlumberger Sema
Schuhmann Electric
Scot Industries
Scotland Electric
Scott Electric
Scott Electrical Sales, Inc.
Scroll Compressors
SeaSide Tans
Seastern Electric
SEC Electrical Inc.
SECO Electric
Seminole Tribe of Florida
SENCO Products, Inc.
Sequek Corp
Service & Manufacturing Corporation
Service & Technology Corp
Service Electric &: Control
Service Electric Supply Company
Service Wire Company
Setech, Inc.
Seyller Electric
SGL Carbon, LLC
Shambaugh &: Son
Shamrock Energy Solutions
Shawver & Son, Inc.
Shelby Electric Co., Inc.
Shelly Materials
Shermco Industries, Inc.
Sivad Holding Company
Six Mile Electric, Inc.
SLW Automotive
Skyline Services
SMC Electric Supply
SMI Steel Arkansas
Smith & Royals Electric Supply
Smith Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Smith Gray Electric
Smith Medical Equipment
Smith Services
SnapIt! Marine
Solo Cup Company
Solomon Corp
Sonicare Solutions
Sorenson Gross Construction Company, Inc.
South Ark Electric, Inc.
South Woods RV Resort
Southeastern Container
Southeastern Extrusion & Tool
Southern Apparatus Services
Southern Arkansas University
Southern Heat & Air, Inc.
Southern Power Systems, Inc.
Southern Sheet Metal Work
Southern Tan, Inc.
Southwest Electric Company
Southwest Machine & Supply, Inc.
Sparks Regional Medical Center
SPF America
Spindletop Electric
Spirco Manufacturing
Spiro Mining
Springfield Electric Supply Company
Springs Window Fashions, LLC
SPT Electric Supply Co, Inc.
Spurling Electric Co., Inc.
SRP Electric
SS Electric & Service Company, LLC
Stallings Utility Services, Inc.
Standard Marine Supply Corp.
Standard Optical Manufacturing Company
Standard Sand & Silica Company
Stanley Furniture
Stericycle, Inc.
Sterling Packaging
Sterling Plumbing Group, Inc.
Steve Sharp Electric
Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc.
Stilsing Electric
Stones River Electric
Strides Pharma Inc.
Stuart C. Irby Company
Stylistic Tanning
Subiaco Abbey
Summers Electric Company
Sun Catchers Tanning
Sun Italia
Sun Prairie Water & Light Commission
Sun Room Tanning Salon
Sun Shack
Sunbeam Household Products
Sunset Beach LLC
Sunset Beach Tanning
Sunwind LLC
Super Tan
Superior Electric Supply Company
SupplyCorp Inc.
Sur-Tec, Inc.
Sutton Electric Co.
Sweetheart Cup Co., Inc.
Switchgear Solutions, Ltd.
Systems Contracting Corporation
T & M Construction
T & M Electric, Inc.
T & N Electric Co.
T & R Electric Supply Co, Inc.
T.E.P.A., Inc.
T.J. Smith Box Company
Talion Export Group, Inc.
Tan Your Hide
Tanfastic Tanning Centers, Inc.
Tanfastic, Inc.
Tangi Electric & Maintenance Company
Tan-Tech, Inc.
Taylor Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Tecumseh Products Company
Tek-Rap, Inc.
Telstar Instruments
Temple-Inland Forest Products Corporation
Tencate Protective Fabrics
Terac Controls, Inc.
Terra Nitrogen, LP
Terre Haute Electric Supply Co.
Texarkana Industrial Power Supply, Inc.
Texas Eastern Transmission LP
Texas International Terminals
Textile Machine Import-Export Co, Inc.
Thar Designs, Inc.
The A. Johnson Company
The Catholic University of America
The Chicago Flyhouse
The Epicurean Ltd.
The Motor Shop
The Stone Studio
The Tanning Company
The Tool Company, Inc.
The Transformer Bank
Thermax CDT
ThermTech Services, Inc.
Thilsted Electric Company
Thomas & Betts
Thomas Electric
Thompson Electric, Inc.
Thornapple Tooling
Tiger Controls, Inc.
Tillman Electrical Services, Inc.
Timberlake & Dickson, Inc.
Timmons Electric Company
Tire Curing & Bladder
Titan Wheel Corporation of Illinois
Today's Kids
Tokusen USA, Inc.
Tool Master, Inc.
Toro Energy, Inc.
Tote Systems
Trademark Metals
Trades, Inc.
Trans World Radio
TransForm Automotive
Transformer Service, Inc.
Transformer Technologies
Transformers NOW!
Transorb Electrical Products Ltd.
Treadway Electric Co, Inc.
Treasure Cay Services
TrefilARBED Arkansas, Inc.
Trex Xompany
Trilectron Industries
Triple H Specialty
Triple-S Steel Supply Company
Tristar Corporation
Tri-Star Molding
Tri-State Armature & Electrical Works, Inc.
Tri-State Electric of Corinth
Tri-State Electric of Jonesboro, Inc.
Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association
Tropical Tan
Troy's Health & Fitness
Tru-Cab Incorporated
TU Services, Inc.
Turnkey Electric
Turtle & Hughes, Inc.
Tuscaloosa Electrical Supply
Tyson Foods
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air National Guard
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Gypsum
U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center
U.S. Navy
U.S. Postal Service
U.S. Rubber Reclaiming Co., Inc.
UFM International
Ulster Electric Supply
Ultra Tan
Ultrabronz America
UNARCO Industries, Inc.
UNARCO Material Handling, Inc.
Unicom International Supply
Unimin Corporation
United Airlines
United Defense
United Electric Supply Company
United Teknical & Industrial Services, Inc.
United Welding, Inc.
Unity International Group
Universal Electric Service Co., Inc.
Universal Technology & Machine Co., Inc.
Universal Wire Works
University of Albany
University of Arkansas
University of California at San Diego
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Kansas
University of Kansas Hospital Authority
University of Kansas Medical Center
University of The Bahamas
University of Tulsa
University of Wisconsin
Up State Tower Construction Co., LLC
Upchurch Electrical Supply
Uptown Classics
Utilities Instrumentation Service
Utility Service Corp
Utopian Tropics
Valines Industrial Laundry, Inc.
Valley Electric
Valparaiso University
Vasoli Electric
Vaughn Electric Company
Vector Tooling
Vegas Electric
Ventura Foods LLC
Vesuvius Premier
VI Christian Ministries
Video Jet Systems International
Villa Park Electrical Supply Co., Inc.
Vinson Electric
Virginia Pacific Corporation
Virginia Stone
VL/Rampe Finishing Equipment
VNX Solutions, Inc.
Vor Foods
Vulcan Materials Company
Ward Energy Systems
Ward Transformer Sales & Service, Inc.
Warmly Yours
Washburn University of Topeka
Washington Homeopathic Products
Waste Management
Watson Electric
Watt Electric, Inc.
Waurika Lake Master Conservancy District
WC Machine
WEBCO Industries, Inc.
Webster Electric
Welding, Inc.
Weldon, Williams, & Lick
Welsbach Electric of Long Island
WESCO Distribution, Inc.
Wesco Valve & Mfg.
West Fraser (South), Inc.
Westerfield Electrical
Western Farmers Electric Cooperative
Western Mesquite Mine
WesTest Engineering Corp.
Weyerhaeuser Company
Wheatland Tube
Wheeler Brothers Grain Company
Whelan & Bentley Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Whirlpool Corporation
White River Hydro
White-Rodgers Appliance Company
Whitehead Electric Company, Inc.
Wholesale Electric Supply
WHSG (Trinity Broadcasting Network)
Wildcat Electric Supply
Wilde Tool
Wiley Davis Electrical, Inc.
Wilmington Wiring Corporation
Wissehr Electrical Contractors
Wolverine Tube
Womack Electric Supply
Wonder State Box
Wonderland Park
Wood Group Turbopower, Inc.
Woods Development Ltd.
Worldwide Laser Service Corporation
Worthington Steel Company of Decatur, LLC
WS Packaging
Wurth Louis & Company
Wye Electric, Inc.
Wynne Building Corp
York Electric, Inc.
Young Electric, Inc.
Zeller Electric
Zero Mountain, Inc.
ZTE Corporation San Diego